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LACONIA Fragrance by Tom Daxon

We were really pleased to try the new Tom Daxon fragrance.

The best way to introduce it would be to quote them: “Laconia eau de parfum, a vibrant and zesty fragrance that is reminiscent of homemade Grecian lemonade”.

The story behind the fragrance

Tom Daxon spent the autumn of 2017 in Monemvasia, Greece.

He drunk a ‘real’  and vibrant-flavoured homemade lemonade made from lemons grown on the hotel’s estate; mixed with ice, mint and some local honey. It seemed like the idea of a perfect summer fragrance – something to refresh and revive in the heat. This is how it all started.

For the anecdote, Laconia is the region of Greece Tom travelled to. 

What is the fragrance made of

With a heart of water mint, green violet leaf and jasmine, the light floral scent is injected with zesty punches of lemon, orange and mandarin top notes. A base of sea salt, vetiver and cardamom culminates in a rich aquatic scent that lingers on skin. Addictively wearable, Laconia is elegant and fresh – the perfect fragrance for spring and summer.

Detailed natural breakdown: Citrus collection: bergamot (Italy) / lemon (Italy) / mandarin (Italy) / orange (Brazil). To reinforce this citrusy feel: ginger (Ivory Coast) / litsea cubeba (China). Spices: pink pepper (Reunion Island) / elemi (Philippines) / cardamom (Guatemala). Violet leaf (Egypt & France) for the natural watery touch. Spearmint (USA) for the leafy minty feel. Clary sage absolute (France) and oil, also for the leafy aspect. Vetiver (Haiti) for an elegant drydown. 

A beautiful packaging!

Where can I find it

Laconia Eau de Parfum 50ml RRP £105.00 

Laconia Eau de Parfum 100ml RRP £155.00 

Tom Daxon fragrances are available from

A nice gift idea too ;-)!

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