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TRR Nutrition Launch Advanced Collagen Supplement

On 12th September 2019 we were invited to an exclusive breakfast with three-time Grand Slam champion Sir Andy Murray to launch the new TRR Nutrition Advanced Collagen Supplement.

A revolutionary, high-strength liquid sports nutrition supplement developed specifically for Wimbledon, US Open and Olympic champion, Andy Murray, is available for purchase by professional athletes and people who are serious about sport.

We gathered at the historic The Queen’s Club in West Kensington, London on a sunny Summer morning. The club hosts the prestigious annual Queen’s Club Championships grass court men’s lawn tennis tournament where Murray won the doubles tennis back in June, which was the first tournament he played since his well documented injury. 

In fine form, Murray explained that the TRR Nutrition Advanced Collagen Supplement was developed especially for him and he takes a cherry flavoured shot every morning before breakfast which could have aided his recovery.
Dr Eva Carneiro and TRR Managing Director Paul Davison were also on hand to explain the ins and outs of the supplement which has been formulated with key ingredients such as marine collagen, turmeric, glucosamine, hyaluronic acid and copper and vitamin C. These ingredients help support joint and bone health, the immune system and help with energy levels when training and resting.

Andy Murray has been using TRR as part of his daily diet routine for several months and says “After my hip operation, to get back to the highest level of fitness, I knew I would have to train incredibly hard and push my body. I wanted to leave no stone unturned. At the beginning of 2018 my nutritionist approached Nutraformis and asked them to develop a pro-athlete liquid collagen supplement with a combination of active nutrients specifically formulated for me. I was already taking their liquid collagen joint care supplement, but my nutritionist felt I needed an advanced product that would help to support my joints, bone health and immune system.” With his signature dry humour, Andy finished the preview breakfast with a nod to his recent accolade of Rear of the Year saying: ‘My wife has always told me I have a nice bum. I wasn’t expecting to win that award but it was nice.’ He also announced he was feeling confident enough in his body to enter October’s Shanghai Masters.

Where can I find some?

Initially developed for Andy Murray, the TRR Nutrition PRO Advanced Collagen Daily Liquid Supplement is now available for pro-athletes.

It costs £38.99 (box of 10 x 50ml bottles) and is available to purchase from 

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