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Baldape Parlour: A Grooming Brand To Watch!

What a pleasure to be promoting a small business doing amazing things for the planet, whilst helping men in the meantime!

Looking at the above photo – you will have guessed it by now – this is about hair removal / back and body grooming.

What is the brand about

Baldape Parlour offers stylish and affordable kits to men to help them remove their back and body hair without having to visit a professional. It allows them to take control of their bodies in a way that hasn’t been done before.

There is no need for razors, helpers or salon treatments here.

Let’s have a closer look.

The Silverback Kit

The Silverback Kit contains a vegan-friendly formulated Charcoal Hair Removal Cream, that clears hair in as little as three minutes. It also offers a ‘helping hand’ for self-application of the cream with an easily washable and replaceable velvet applicator and additional sponge for use in removing stubborn hair.

Finally, the kit also features a soft and exfoliating elastic tool with microfibres that easily reach all areas to wipe away hair after application of the cream. 

How do hair removal creams work?

Hair removal (depilatory) creams contain certain alkaline chemicals that safely react with the hair on your body. They break down the Keratin (the protein structure of your hair), causing it to weaken and dissolve. This leaves the hair in a jelly-like state which can be easily wiped away. 

And the best part? Baldape’s kits are natural, vegan and sustainable, and ethically derived. The brand even donates 5% of its profits to important causes such as Animal Aid and Rainforest trust. 

One last tip

On average, customers tend to need a re-up on cream every 6-8 weeks to stay consistently smooth.

About the brand

In their own words: “We’re small but we aim to operate ethically and sustainably through minimising our plastic packaging, using truly recyclable materials and natural, eco-friendly ingredients, free from animal testing in all our products.

“We care about people feeling their best but also for the environment and with each and every sale, your contributions will go towards building a sustainable future..”

More details


And please note that alongside the kit, Baldape Parlour also offers skincare solutions for men; something that not too many small brands are doing. 

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