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Wreath Making with Barbour

As the famous Barbour brand has just launched two new fragrances –Barbour Fragrance For Him & For Her – they wanted to celebrate the ingredients in their new Barbour Fragrance.

As a result I was invited to a Wreath-Making.

I have detailed the steps below.

What you need to make a Christmas Wreath

You will need one wreath ring, scissors, (green) twine, florist wire and moss, in addition to hardy and different textured foliage such as eucalyptus, spruce, ivory, evergreen oak and buxus.

The Tools

The Ingredients

Christmas decorations such as fir cones, dried oranges, dried bergamot and cinnamon sticks look great and create a delicious festive aroma. However, to go the extra mile, be bold and try some pepper as it will bring new colours.

The Steps

Take your evergreen foliage and begin to twist it around the metal circle. Wrapping the stem of the leaves around the metal wire, try and keep the end of the leaves facing outwards. Tie in place using the twine or gardening wire, and continue around the circle until you have covered the wire in leaves. You may need to tie each stem in a few different places depending on how long each piece is.

You can now add flowers to inject colour and brighten up the greenery. Keep securing these extra pieces with a single wrap of wire.

Finally, finish your wreath with pepper or dried oranges for a seasonal touch. Try spray painting your pine cones in gold, silver or fake snow to add even more festive spirit to your wreath!

The Result

Et voilà !

If you’ve used fresh foliage, hanging your wreath outside will help it keep for about 4 weeks. If you hang a fresh wreath inside, it will last approximately 2 weeks – although this will vary depending on which type of foliage you’ve used.

About the Fragrance

Discover the Barbour Fragrance For Him & For Her exclusive to the Fragrance Shop.

A nod to Barbour’s Scottish heritage, the Barbour For Him fragrance contains a blend of woody notes of cedar, guaiac wood and vetiver, mixed with amber and musk for depth and warmth and topped with a sharp citrus top enhanced by a spicy heart of cardamom, baies roses and black pepper.
A perfect idea for a Xmas gift!

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