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Festive Snacking With Munchy Seeds!

There are six flavours to enjoy: Toasted Tamari, Warm Cumin and Fennel, Spicy Peri Peri, Totally Triopical, Super Berry, and Cacao and Apricot,

With today’s snacking world being more functional and health-conscious than ever, seeds remain synonymous with goodness, nutrition and health and just a small handful can provide that nutrition boost that your body needs.

After a Christmas vibe?

If you’re looking for a festive snack that is both tasty and healthy, then pick up a bag of Munchy Seeds Warm Cinnamon this Christmas.

Bursting with good energy and naturally-nutritious ingredients, Munchy Seeds Warm Cinnamon is the perfect snack to refuel on this winter.

A delicious blend of sunflower and pumpkin seeds, with a sweet taste of cinnamon, Warm Cinnamon Munchy Seeds evoke the flavours of winter in each delicious bite. Plus, each pack offers a good source of protein, vitamin E and fibre, as well as iron, zinc and magnesium; meaning you can treat yourself this festive season with none of the guilt and all of the nutritional benefits.

Alongside Warm Cinnamon, Munchy Seeds also produces five other flavours: Sweet Chilli, Mega Omega, Salted Caramel, Honey Roasted and Mild Chilli and they are all made using the most delicious and crunchy roasted seeds, whilst also being coeliac- friendly, dairy free and suitable for vegetarians.

Where to buy some

Munchy Seed mixes are available from Sainsbury’s, Waitrose, Ocado and The Co-op in 25g snack packs (RRP 80p), 125g sharing packs (RRP £2.99) and 450g mega packs (RRP £8.75) and also from

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7 Natural Ways to Reduce Men’s Hair Loss

Research suggests that 70% of the male population will lose their hair as they get older, with half set to experience this by the age of 50. 

While hair loss is a natural part of the ageing process, there are many ways that men can reduce losing their hair overtime and retain their self-confidence. What’s more, many of these methods don’t involve taking any medications or undergoing invasive – and often expensive – hair transplants. 

Dr Earim Chaudry, Medical Director at men’s health platform Manual shares some key advice on how to limit hair loss in men using the natural methods outlined below:  

  1. Eat a balanced diet 

Healthy hair starts with a healthy diet. When it comes to preventing hair loss with your diet, make sure you’re consuming foods that are packed with vitamins and minerals. These include: 

  • Foods rich in iron, including green leafy vegetables, eggs, beans, and grains
  • High-protein foods, including lean meats and seafood
  • Food rich in omega-3 acids, such as fish, flax seeds and walnuts 

In addition, it is especially recommended that you stay hydrated throughout the day to maintain healthy hair. 

  1. Regularly wash your hair with mild shampoo 

Regularly washing your hair with shampoos that are free from sulphates, parabens and mineral oils will prevent hair loss. By washing your hair with mild shampoos, you are keeping the scalp clean and lowering the risk of infections that may result in hair breakage or loss. 

  1. Avoid hot showers

While there is no medical evidence that hot showers contribute to hair loss, it is still important to be cautious. This is because taking a really hot shower may have the power to strip the scalp of the essential oils that help to protect it. This can cause dryness, inflammation and could also result in the thinning of your hair. 

  1. Refrain from brushing wet hair 

Your hair is in its weakest state when wet, so it’s best to avoid brushing wet hair if you are aiming to reduce hair loss. There is also a danger of brushing your hair too frequently, as doing this could increase the chances of your hair becoming injured,  encouraging further loss. 

  1. Exercise regularly 

Exercising, especially on a frequent basis, will improve blood flow to the scalp area and this could help prevent forms of hair loss. In addition, exercise will reduce your stress levels, something to keep in mind due to the direct correlation between hair loss and stress

  1. Avoid smoking and reduce alcohol consumption 

As tobacco can potentially damage your hair follicles, ditching the cigarettes will help to reduce your hair loss. Cutting down on  alcohol consumption will also do favours for your hair. Despite the fact that there’s no proven link between alcohol use and hair loss, heavy drinking can in fact lead to nutritional deficiencies or hormonal issues, which in turn can thin out your remaining locks.  

  1. Change how you style your hair 

Hairstyles such as ponytails and braids tend to pull hair or tug hair follicles, which could eventually lead to baldness. As well as this, regularly using tools such as blow dryers and straighteners can cause thermal damage to your hair. Down the line, this will lead to breakage and result in hair loss. With this in mind, it may be time to think about healthier and less damaging ways to style your hair if you prefer a longer style. 

Credits | Tips from and Image from

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The STRYKK Man Date

In case you didn’t know them, STRYKK is a London based non-alcoholic spirits brand featuring an impressive range of the highest quality alternative alcohol options.


100% natural with no sugar, no fat and no artificial flavours. Distilled and bottled in the UK

STRYKK is delighted to announce the brand has been named as one of this year’s corporate partners for the Movember campaign. In amongst household names such as Pringles, Gilette, L’Oreal Men Expert, KP Nuts and Mr. Porter, the STRYKK team is excited to help raise money for this charity dedicated to increasing awareness of men’s health, such as prostate cancer, testicular cancer, and male suicide. STRYKK believe in the benefit of real, honest discussion, and the importance of sharing experiences and never feeling alone, which is why this Movember they are inviting all of us to STRYKK up a conversation and raise a glass to helping men live healthier, happier, and chattier lives.

To help raise money for this amazing charity, STRYKK will be running a competition offering a selection of Man-Dates as prizes. The STRYKK Man-Dates aim to bring men (and women) together to celebrate their relationships over a cocktail and have real, honest conversations. The raffle shall run from the 1st – 30th of November, and entries will be £5 each. There are a number of exciting prizes to be won, such as meals for two at M Restaurants and Tonkotsu, male-grooming treatments from the Treatwell group and much more.

The team are also very pleased to announce a ‘money can’t buy’ grand prize of a trip for two to Ibiza. The ultimate prize consists of two nights at Pikes Ibiza including flights, food and drinks, alongside a once in a lifetime experience including a gong bath with Cosmic Kim, sunset drinks at Hostel La Torre, and a poolside concierge session with Guy Williams and Phat Phil Cooper.

How can I help?

By donating (100% of your donation goes to Movember)

Donate now to win the ultimate Man-Date to Ibiza, plus 100s of other prizes!

Anything else?

If you are still on the hunt for a Xmas Gift, this could be a very good one!

Visit StylePilot Christmas Gift Guide 2021


STRYKK ingredients are sourced from all over the world by their expert flavor house team in conjunction with top bar tenders, to ensure only those of the highest quality make the cut. These ingredients then go through a rigorous process mirroring that of traditional alcohol, involving maceration with water and alcohol for up to 4 weeks. STRYKK then use a modernised production process of steam distillation in stainless steel stills, followed by blending & filtration to create the perfect non-alcoholic spirit.

About Movember

The leading charity changing the face of men’s health. Movember know what works for men, and what doesn’t. Since 2003, Movember has funded more than 1,250 men’s health projects around the world, challenging the status quo, shaking up men’s health research and transforming the way health services reach and support men.

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Change The Way You Shop For Fragrance With HOOHAA

Have you heard about HOOHAA?

It is a Luxury Fragrance Subscription.

In their own words: “HOOHAA allows customers to gain access into a new and undiscovered world of niche and luxury fragrances in the comfort of their own home! “.

How it works

You can choose from one of three edits known as Easy Does It, Buckle Up or Take Me To Mars, new fragrances are introduced each month to HOOHAA. Once signed up with your selected edit you pay a monthly subscription fee of £14.95 per month and will receive a new 10ml unisex fragrance at your door each month. 

All edits have been carefully curated by the HOOHAA team taking out the time and effort for you to search for something unique, you get to try the best niche fragrances around! You can change your subscription edit as preferences develop and evolve over time.

You also have the option to buy full sized fragrances of the featured brands from the website

We tried the ‘Chronotope SPITE EDT’

According to HOOHAA, it is a selection for the truly adventurous and advanced fragrance fans.

Angelica, Violet Leaf | Rose, Violet, Orris Root | Leather, Sandalwood, Scalded Sugar, Frankincense

What did we think

There is nothing harder than trying to describe a fragrance with words. Let’s start by saying that we loved it.

Firstly, what we really liked was that it has a presence but is not overwhelming, it really stands out (in a nice way).

Secondly, we really liked the way the notes of violet and rose with the leather and sandalwood have been added together. Those combinations make it really special.

Finally, the ‘cherry on the cake’ is the sugar notes that (personally) made me love it.

You now have to try for yourself 😉

And Christmas being just around the corner

… that makes it the perfect gift!

HOOHAA are also offering gift cards, these come in three month £39, six month £75 and twelve month £139 options. 


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Revive and Thrive at Goodwood Revival

It takes place every year and this is a must go event!

Recreating the glamour of motor racing as it used to be, the Motor Circuit comes alive for the Revival, both on and off the historic track. The only historic race meeting to be staged entirely in period dress, the Revival sees a return to the halcyon days of Goodwood as the spiritual home of British motor racing.

Dress code

Although not compulsory, the vast majority of Revival visitors dress in period style with many going to great lengths to achieve that authentic look. The resulting step-back-in-time spectacle plays a key role in making the Revival such a unique event.

While you’re not required to dress up (unless you qualify for central Paddock access, in which case a jacket and tie is necessary for gentlemen, and a dress or suit for the ladies), you’ll feel much more involved if you do. And whether you go for the slick urban look, gentrified country style or chocs-away military aesthetic, it’s not difficult or costly to dress appropriately.

It almost feels like you are on a Hollywood set!

It’s a celebration of bygone days, vintage fashion and wheel-to-wheel racing around this classic circuit, which remains unchanged since its heyday.

(Below) Our friends from Private White V.C.

While there is standing space all around the track, racing fans will prefer a Grandstand pass for covered and raised viewing of all the action on track.

Roy Salvadori – British Driver

“Give me Goodwood on a summer’s day, and you can forget the rest fo the world”

Opening Times

The action on the circuit commences at 0845hrs on each day of the event. Gates open at 0730hrs, which provides a great opportunity to look around the paddocks before the action begins.

See you in 2022

2022 Ticket Alert >> Click here

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allPaws Organic Shampoo for Pets

allPaws by Green People is the UK’s first certified organic range of pet grooming products

Let’s talk about pets for a change.

Crafted with care for those that are dog-tired of exposing their pets to synthetic ingredients, allPaws is the NEW organic, cruelty-free pet grooming range from Green People.

Offering fur-freshening grooming products that transform mucky pups into pristine pooches, the products in the allPaws pet care range are made with gently cleansing, pH-balanced natural actives that are sustainably sourced and suitable for all dog and cat breeds.

The pet-approved products are also certified organic and vegan-friendly, making it easy for pet owners to provide creature companions with a planet and pet-friendly bath time routine that won’t irritate sensitive skin.

A natural way to provide faithful hounds and long- haired cats with a plant-based pet spa treatment, Green People’s allPaws pet care range is launching with a duo of naturally cleansing pet washes.

Designed for pups that love nothing more than getting back to nature by playing in muddy puddles, the shampoos come in a choice of scented or scent-free formulas and cost £14.00 for a 200ml tube that’s made with eco-friendly sugar cane plastic.

The two shampoos:

Cleansing Shampoo – Wild Mint

This organic dog shampoo freshens musty mongrel smells with a soothing blend of Mint and Eucalyptus bath bubbles which leave fur soft and fragrant without irritating delicate skin. Suitable for all breeds and pups aged 12 weeks or older.

What we liked: the eco-friendly packaging, the silk texture and the very light scent (just enough but not too much!).

Sensitive Shampoo

This unscented shampoo is designed for dogs with extra sensitive skin and does not contain any fragrance. Suitable for all breeds, this gentle formula is the perfect choice for a puppy’s first bath.

Much like Green People’s skin care range for humans, the pet grooming products are both SLS- free and highly concentrated with animal-safe plant actives, meaning a little goes a long way.

Where to find those

From £14.00 for 200ml and is available directly from

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Tesei Watch by Spinnaker

Japan Automatic 3 Hands Movement with Date

Really glad at StylePilot to have received the Tesei SP-5084-11 from Spinnaker to review.


Updated and improved upon, the Tesei Titanium is now available as a bracelet. A host of subtle but important upgrades make this timepiece a true tribute to the spirit and ingenuity of Italian Naval legend Teseo Tesei.

What’s inside?


True to its militaristic inspiration, the dial is designed to be efficient and effective at offering a clear cut read out of time. The hands in particular have been redesigned and upgraded with layerings of X-1 Swiss Super-LumiNova.

MATERIAL : Titanium
DIAMETER (mm) : 43
THICKNESS (mm) : 13
SHAPE : Round
COLOUR : Titanium
BEZEL : Unidirectional Bezel with Ceramic Plate


The Tesei case is forged out of the tensile strength but low density of Titanium. Hardened with Nitrogen and topped with a Ceramic inlaid bezel with luminous markings, every element of the design and fabrication has been carefully considered. A scratch resistant sapphire lens with anti-reflective coating makes this an effortless, durable and robust timepiece to wear for all conditions.

TYPE : Titanium Bracelet
COLOUR : Titanium
BUCKLE : Fold Over Buckle with Safety Lock and Push Button
WIDTH (mm) : 22

Powering and assuring an ever reliable performance from the Tesei, an NH35 Seiko Automatic lies at the heart of the watch.

By taking advantage of the incredible properties of Titanium, the upgraded Tesei is now a bracelet timepiece which offers a lightweight feel but with the neccessary strength to resist the conditions of a rugged wear at sea or on land.


WATER RESISTANCE : 20 ATM / WARRANTY : 2 Years International

£495 RRP. Shop at Browse all Spinnaker watches.

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5 Sunglasses for Father’s Day

Shopping for the perfect father’s day gift isn’t always easy.

Luckily, SmartBuyGlasses has you covered with this unique eyewear gift guide. Discover the top specs they think Dad will love, based on what their customers have virtually tried on!

SmartBuyGlasses’ virtual try-on​ (VTO) technology allows you to try on glasses online without ever having to leave your home. Want to make sure it’s the right match for your dad? Just have him use their virtual try-on tool to try before you buy!

Our top 5 below:

Ray-Ban Aviator Sunglasses

Model displayed RB3025 Aviator Polarized 001/58
Shop here.

These Ray-Ban sunglasses are a forever classic. If you want to get your dad a father’s day gift that he’s guaranteed to love, then you can’t go wrong with Ray-Ban Aviators! This look was a favorite for SmartBuyGlasses’ Ray-Ban virtual try-on online this year. Is your dad one of those “cool” dads? If so, these are definitely the sunglasses you’re looking for this father’s day.

Tom Ford Sunglasses

Model displayed FT0674 52D
Shop here.

This trendy pair of men’s eyewear is perfect for the youthful spirit dads. While the pilot shape is a classic, the colours and materials of these Tom Ford sunglasses are trendy and unique. The dark, neutral tones will go great with any look. This father’s day you can get these virtual try-on favorites by Tom Ford for the best prices with SmartBuyGlasses.

Persol Sunglasses

Model displayed PO0714 Folding Polarized 24/S3.
Shop here.

Is your dad a morning person? These Persol sunglasses with blue lenses are great for seeing clearly through mist or fog. These glasses are both high fashion and high function. The cool dark colour tones give these sunnies a sophisticated outdoorsy look.

Mont Blanc

Model displayed MB0033s Polarized 005.
Shop here.

Any dad that spends time outdoors is going to appreciate these Mont Blanc shades for father’s day. These sunglasses use polarizing technology to provide clear vision while outdoors. With durable metal frames and UV protection lenses, these sunglasses will be a huge hit this father’s day 2020.

Emporio Armani Sunglasses

Model displayed Emporio Armani EA4029 50638G.
Shop here.

Armani is famous for the bold designs that still look casual, and outfits that will make you look like the fashionista but without forcing you to try too much. These sunglasses are no different. With small details on these sunglasses from Armani, such as the logo on the frame not being engraved, these glasses will add a statement to your outfit without grabbing attention from it. The smooth gradient lens is something that reflects the aura of Giorgio Armani and it is something that will let people know that you have put thought into what you wear.

Shop all designers sunglasses on

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LUKE x Smiley Collaboration | Donating to NHS & Mind

Launching today!

LUKE 1977 and Smiley has collaborated on a capsule collection donating 20% of sales to the NHS and the mental health charity, MIND.

10% of sales to be donated to the NHS and 10% of sales to MIND. There will also be a promotional giveaway where purchasing 2 t-shirts gives the customer a free Smiley bucket hat, 3 t-shirts gives the customer a free Smiley towel.

The collection consists of a range of t-shirts, bucket hats and towels ranging from £35 – £40 RRP.

Since forming in 2001 LUKE 1977, has become a leading contemporary fashion brand divided into Luke the Technical Tailor and Luke Sport. Luke the Technical Tailor is a premium menswear offering, while Luke Sport is a full lifestyle collection inspired by athleisure and urban street style. Equally at home on the terraces or on a night out, the brand offers an exclusive look for an inclusive country; the United Kingdom of Luke.

Born in 1972, Smiley’s simple message of ‘Take Time To Smile’ is still relevant as ever, 50 years on. The iconic image of counter-culture for nearly five decades, Smiley has been ever-present on the sleeves of landmark music albums. Seen at festivals, embraced as the symbol of DJ culture and worn by the trendsetters, influencing multiple musical genres.

With the current global pandemic in mind, portions of every sale of the collaboration will be donated to NHS front line workers and the mental health charity MIND. As the nation battles COVID-19, LUKE and Smiley hope to give the nation #SomethingToSmileAbout.

“Smiley is delighted to partner with Luke for a unique lifestyle collection combining Luke’s modern lad influences with Smiley’s music heritage of 50 years. There is a fun play on the two Brands’ logos in tees, bucket hats and towels. Graphics are clean with some even a bit rogue, perfectly playing up Luke’s ethos of adding a fashion twist to everyday menswear items” Michaela Fass, Senior Vice President of Fashion & Accessories, Smiley.

The collection is available on