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3 New Fragrances From Bespoke London

We are always please to try new fragrances at StylePilot. Thanks to Bespoke London for introducing the ‘three new fragrances variants for those who enjoy the finer things in life’, to quote them.

Proving that smelling luxe needn’t cost the earth, this range captures the essence of sophistication and embodies every men.

The range includes:

Bespoke Caramel Amber & Cashmere EDP

Bespoke Caramel Amber & Cashmere EDP introduces warm notes of rose and black pepper, that lead into a woodsy heart, enriched with notes of caramel and dry ambers. This fragrance captures a masculine base of soft cashmere, sandalwood and vetiver.

Bespoke Gin & Citrus Woods EDP

Bespoke Gin & Citrus Wood EDP releases refreshing notes of gin and fresh citrus with a woodsy heart of cedar, sandalwood, oak moss and a hint of floral. This fragrance has a blend of amber and cashmere musk to complete this fresh, outdoorsy scent.

Bespoke Black Suede & Fougere EDP

Bespoke Black Suede & Fourgere EDP is bursting with fruity and aromatic notes complementing the suede and amber scent. This fragrance offers luxurious wood and spicy notes with rosemary, amber and lavender.

Where to find them and how much?

RRP: £9.99, available exclusively instore and online Superdrug

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